Will we lose our spatial orientation in the future?

The “Tag der Geomatik” is the GISDay of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) and ETH Zurich and gives insight into the versatility of the field of geoinformatics and surveying.

This year’s event took place as part of the “200yrs Swiss Geo X” events at the Culture and Convention Centre in Aarau and was held under the motto: how is our habitat recorded, what do we learn from the spatial data obtained and how do these data enable the sustainable design of our future habitat.

Our MIE-Lab module addressed the question whether we will lose spatial orientation in the future if we completely outsource navigation to a computer system and give up personal perception of space. This module with the ETH-App OMLETH took place outside in the old town of Aarau and provided GPS-based  tricky exercises for spatial perception and orientation.  Back in the congress centre the results were evaluated in classes, visualised (see the collection of six classes by 5 groups each) and discussed with the participants. A great event with a glittering feedback wall in the thumbs-up area.

Jannik Hamper joins MIE Lab

We welcome Jannik as our new team member! He holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics from FAU Erlangen and a M.Sc. in Statistics from ETH Zurich. His work will focus on applying machine learning and data analysis methods to problems in mobility and energy science.

Read more here!

Team MIE-Lab wins second place at IARAI Traffic4cast core competition.

We are happy to announce, that our team scored the second place at the IARAI Traffic4cast competition! The goal of the competition was to predict the traffic in 3 different major cities (Berlin, Istanbul, Moscow) based on high resolution traffic map movies.

Over 40 teams participated and submitted a total of over 4000 submissions in the competition. You can check out our code and the documentation!

As the second place we won 5000$ and an invitation to present at NeurIPS 2019.

Not all members of our competition team are officially affiliated with the MIE-Lab, so special thanks to Ye Hong, Christian Rupprecht and René Buffat!