New paper published in the Journal of Transport Geography – Car sharing demand prediction

Our paper titled “Spatially-aware station based car-sharing demand prediction” is now published open-access in the Journal of Transport Geography!

In this paper, we analyze long-term station-based car-sharing demand (i.e., the monthly number of reservations per station), and fit local and global models to the demand. Spatially-aware models and methods for interpretability improved our understanding of the effect of different features in varying locations. Our models can assist in planning new car sharing stations, an important avenue towards more sustainable transportation.

This work is part of the Vehicle-to-grid for Car Sharing project.

New paper in Transportation Research Part D – Time flexibility of car sharing users

Our paper titled “Vehicle-to-grid and car sharing: Willingness for flexibility in reservation times in Switzerland” presents the results of a stated preference survey conducted with 777 Mobility car sharing users in Switzerland. This study was part of our Vehicle-to-grid for Car Sharing project, funded by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, where we aim to analyze the potential of integrating V2G in car sharing services. Understanding the time flexibility of car sharing users is crucial for designing dynamic pricing strategies, for example with the goal to incentivize users to shift their reservation times and thereby to increase the flexibility for V2G.
We found the value of time to be 31CHF/h on average, where older adults, lower income groups and employed adults tend to have lower flexibility. For more details, see our paper published in Transportation Research Part D.