Exploring Choices between Internal Combustion Engine Cars and Electric Vehicles

In our recent publication “Exploring Factors that Influence Individuals’ Choice Between Internal Combustion Engine Cars and Electric Vehicles“, we use a large dataset of people owning both an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) car as well as an Electric Vehicle (EV) to determine the impacts of various predictor variables on their choices between the two car types. The gained insights may give additional information to assess common uncertainties regarding EVs: “How far can I drive with a fully charged vehicle? How quickly does the battery wear out? Does the reduced range and/or lack of a substantial number of charging stations impact my mobility?”

We find that chocies between ICE cars and EVs are regular considering an individual user, but that it is almost impossible to guess how someone will choose for a given trip if nothing about the person is previously known. This is a strong indication that most trips can easily be performed with any of the two vehicle types, and only individual preferences and circumstances determine the choices.