A Clustering-Based Framework for Individual Travel Behaviour Change Detection

In our recently published 2021 GIScience paper “A Clustering-Based Framework for Individual Travel Behaviour Change Detection“, we propose a clustering-based pipeline to delineate travel behaviours and detect possible change periods/points from raw GPS recordings. In particular, considering trip mode, trip distance, and trip duration as travel behaviour dimensions, we measure the similarities of trips and group them into clusters using hierarchical clustering. Two different methods are then proposed to detect changes in an individual’s observed usage proportion of trip clusters. Through testing the framework on a large-scale longitudinal GPS tracking dataset, we demonstrate its effectiveness in detecting change periods/points by jointly considering multiple travel behaviour dimensions.

The code is openly available on GitHub, with the possibility to reproduce the framework on the Geolife dataset. The study is to be presented at GIScience 2021 and the pdf version is available here.